Alan Crivellaro


I’m a plant stem anatomist,

plant ecologist, and teacher.


I love working with inspiring colleague scientists. I have been inspiring students from the beginning of my teaching career. I am an enthusiastic speaker. 

Bio sketch

I graduated in Wood Science and in Forestry and Environmental Sciences. Later I got a PhD in Ecology. My bachelor thesis explored the wood properties of elms resistant to Duch-Elm-Disease. My PhD research focused on the stem anatomy of 370 trees and shrubs from the island of Cyprus. More recently I focused on the stem anatomy of trees, shrubs, herbs and lianas. I use plant stem anatomy to cross-link wood science, forestry, ecology and archaeology.

I was a research fellow at the former Trees and Timber Institute (nowadays IBE - CNR) near Florence (IT). There, I learnt a lot and I built an extensive scientific network. After my PhD I underwent various Postdocs. I got the Italian National Scientific Qualification (ASN) as Assistant Professor. In Italy, I was an Assistant Professor in Wood Science for three years.

I have a passion for teaching. I love creating the right conditions in which students can learn, no matter the topic. I am teaching at university courses and international training programmes. I teach on wood anatomy, wood science, plant ecology, wood identification.

I live in Cambridge (UK) where I jointed the Department of Geography of the local University. I do my research to understand how biotic and environmental factors shape plant anatomical traits. My focus is at the cross-species level, at large scales. I use a combination of field-based data collection and synthesis of data from the literature.